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We are all storytellers!

Why? Because every one of us has a unique narrative, filled with decisive turning points, beautiful a-ha moments, and stories that can inspire. All we need to do is find the key that unlocks it.

Kill Your Talk.. takes you on a treasure hunt to find it and shows you how best to tell it to the world.

What is Kill Your Talk?

Are you the champion, the inspirer, the explorer, the teacher, the visionary, the neophyte, the innovator, or the experimenter?

That’s just the first question this book will help you answer. It’s also the question that lies at the very heart of unearthing the unique story of what makes you, you!



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“When I gave my first TED talk, I was forced to ask myself who I truly am and how I want to use the platforms available to me to live the best story I can tell.

What I have realised in the years since then is that Every individual is a storyteller, every company is a broadcaster and every brand is a visionary.

The only way to stand out is to tell your story with the authenticity to inspire millions.”

The dynamic pages of this book are created to help you find, frame and deliver your beautiful, inspiring stories waiting to be told.

Kill Your Talk, is a creative guide for all kinds of storytellers.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur crafting your pitch, a school kid convincing your parents to allow you a tattoo, or a first-time public speaker, this book is full of tips, tricks and hacks on how to tell your most
authentic story.

The Author

Raghava KK, a 5-time TED speaker, internationally renowned artist, and master storyteller.


Kill Your Talk.. is packed with over 10 years of invaluable public-speaking experience.

Who is Raghava KK?

Having worked as an integral part of distinguished platforms like TED, INK and NatGeo, Raghava KK has given over 100 talks around the world and coached many hundreds of speakers across industry and interest.

He reveals behind-the-scenes insights, professional hacks, and brutally honest critiques across the pages of this artistically crafted book to help you make your talk powerful, relatable and inspiring.


What People Are Saying

"Raghava has given some of the funnest and fastest talks ever! He'll teach you how to do it too."

- Stefan Sagmeister

"Storytelling is essential part of any effective message or talk. Raghava KK shares thoughtful advice to more effectively and creatively tell a story."

- Vinod Khosla

"Storytelling is the most powerful tool we have to design a future we all want. Raghava is a creative genius. He will teach you how to bring out the best storyteller in you, and craft your story to impact the world.”

- Lara Stein, Founder Boma Global & TEDx


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